Dining at NRS Royal Palace Puri


Elevate your dining and event experiences to the pinnacle of luxury within our NRS Royal Palace, where our multi-cuisine restaurant and banquet facilities create an unforgettable blend of culinary delights and regal celebrations. Within the opulent confines of our NRS Royal Palace, we proudly present a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Our multi-cuisine restaurant and banquets are a culinary sanctuary where flavors from around the world meet the essence of royal indulgence.


Within the majestic confines of our NRS Royal Palace, we invite you to experience an extraordinary bar that combines the sophistication of a modern lounge with the timeless allure of royalty. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, sharing a quiet drink with a loved one, or simply unwinding after a long day, our bar within the NRS Royal Palace at Puri offers the perfect setting for raising your glass to the finer things in life.

Roof Top

Perched high above the city’s bustling streets, our rooftop diner within the NRS Royal Palace offers a dining experience that’s second to none. It’s a place where culinary excellence meets a breathtaking panoramic view, creating a memory that’s fit for royalty. Prepare to be enchanted by the culinary excellence, the mesmerizing views, and the royal treatment that await you at our rooftop diner in the heart of the NRS Royal Palace.